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Submitted on
April 19, 2006
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What if I said you would never leave me?
Could I make that come true if I truely believed?
If I didn't go would that matter much yet?
And if I took off,
would you forget?
I'm holding you now as I search through my mind.
Is the answer really there? Am I wasting my time?
I can't follow my heart for once in my life.
I know I want to,
but I'll have to fight.
Going against all that I know,
the decision is made and I will miss you so.
But I hope you can see that I will return,
each time that I must let you go.
I was thinking about writting this in the perspective of me and some special guy, but my mind was against manipulating the thought... even though people could still look at it and think I was talking about a guy maybe.
But no, I'm going to college in a year, we hope... and I have to leave my cat behind, which REALLY is bugging me today because it was finally said outloud, "You cannot bring him". I knew this though... :cries:

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Alucardia Apr 19, 2006
Aww. No more kitty? Nooo! Miss that little kitty.
i have a year left before i go to college. he's sleeping in my room right now, or in the kitchen waiting for me to log off and go to bed so he can sleep on my feet ^^;
Alucardia Apr 21, 2006
Lol. What a nice little ;P
*huggles her kitty*
Aww..thats really sad =/ I wish there was away around those Damned dorn rulez...>.< Live somewhere near the college or something..? i dunno..i know that costs money..but...thats the only way I can think to get around it =/ or live in a box. and I think kitty wouldnt appreciate that as much ^_^;
some colleges require freshman to live on campus. and even if i get into one that doesn't do that... mom won't let me. and i kinda know as well, the cat has been here all his life. it would be so wrong to take him from here. he'd be with me, but in a totally new place. he's getting older. not too old yet... but older. he'll be too old to move him out of this house after i graduate college i think, so i can't take him myself. my parents are keeping him even though he's my cat. :cries: i'm gonna miss him so much. and i'm worried about how he'll react to me gone. i worry he'll become a depressed kitty and that things might start going downhill... because i've always been here. he'll start meowing around the house looking for me after a night or two :cries: this is based on information on when i go to people's houses for a night, plus the fact that the cat suddenly calmed down getting out of that hyper age, and has grown attatched to me suddenly.
i predicted how a dog named "Fritzy" would act in response to the younger dog "Kugo" being run over last halloween (grandparents' dogs). fritz is the older one, and kugo was the pup. before getting kugo... fritz was starting to show his age. after getting kugo, for 3 years he was running around like a pup himself! and he didn't even do this AS a pup. when fritz was a pup, he was mean lol. he learned to be nice and such. after kugo was hit, i knew fritz would go downhill fast. well it's been only what... 5 months? he went downhill day one. now, he's on medications for his hips, won't pee outside anymore, very attention wanting, and we think he's either going deaf now, or is. he doesn't respond to sound anymore, especially his name... my cat isn't quite that bad to fall if i leave... but i can still see him being sad... and i'll be sad :cries: very sad :cries: :crying: :( i know the cat is sensative because when we got the puppy and brought him in the house... the cat didn't forgive me for a week. took him a month or two before he would even lay on my feet at night again. he was totally pissed... o.o;
Hmm..well...Damn =/
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